Meatballs to Sushi?

The Abarth gave me the raw end of the meatball yesterday with some oil pressure issues. The result was my wife supporting the purchase of a MX5 RF!

Yesterday on my way in to work, I took a hard left hander and was met with a flashing “low oil pressure, stop car immediately” message on the dash of the Abarth. It went away immediately, but I pulled over and checked things out. All looked well and the dash lights were off. I tested this out again with another hard turn and sure enough, it flashed again. Parked the spicy boi at work and left it to cool down. So began my researching on the issue. On lunch I went to check on things, oil level showed pretty low. Too low for me to really want to drive to get oil honestly. So the Mrs picked me up after work and we made a trip for some 5w-40 and I added two quarters - the car only holds four mind you.


The trip home was uneventful. No issues, noises, lights, etc. However my searching turned up that as these MultiAir engines age, they start to consume oil. Not burn and blue smoke, no leaks, just casual oil consumption.

The Mrs and I were both looking for new cars. She just got a brand new CX5 touring and I was going to hold out for a few more months for...well I wasn’t sure what. However yesterday she said she’s worried about the Abarth and if I want the RF, more or less go for it! So I am, trading the Fiat and coming home with a 2017 MX5 RF Grand Touring (not it exactly, but as pictured above) - I understand the 2019 is more powerful, however we’re also talking about $10k in price difference. Also, I should probably just turn in my oppo card, because it’s automatic. No matter, I’m very excited to enter the world of Miata Life and have the answer to all of life’s questions.

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