Today I went with my mom to pick up my dad’s minivan at this new repair place (American Auto Services) because the minivan (a 04 Sienna) needed an alternator changed out (the car would die out at low rpms). So when I went there, he explained that there was a crappy “Kragen/O’Reilley’s/Pep Boys” (quote) alternator which he has experience with them crapping out. So he gives a long explanation on that how Kragen/O’Rei...Boys were awful and the remanufactured unit (a ASC unit) was installed. He explained this was the best and was better than a AC Delco, Bosch, and even Denso unit. He also said these units were made in USA compared to the other manufactorors that were made in China. I also questioned whether a China one would be quality wise on par with one made in the US. He insisted the US ones were better.

A bit sketchy to me, and also annoyingly started referring himself in the 3rd person when he recited back customer testimonials that were directed at him. (i.e. You know my customers say, oh _name_, you help me out with the best components and tell me which one is best!).

As we walked out, my mom mentioned the van had a check engine light again (back story my dad had him fix the van to pass CA smog. The van passed, then a week later had a warning light). He mentioned he replaced the 800 dollar cat on this van and said it had failed. He said it needed to be replaced. This occurrence seemed very surprising to him when my mom mentioned it and he did not seem to notice it prior. An engine light could mean a lot of things, from a light blown out to an airbag harness failure to an O2 sensor gone out. I explained this logic to him.

He insisted it was the cat without a intention of checking the codes. So I questioned whether was it was in his professional opinion that the cat needed to be replaced because a warning light was on and that he did not even check the codes to see whether the cat had failed or not. He got very angry at this and started ranting nonstop about catalytic converters, smog, and his opinion for a minute and a half. He insisted that he would he would have checked if we had told him prior. I did not talk back to him except for acknowledgements that I trust his opinion. He ended up so angry he just turned on his heel and walked away from us. Along the way, he even kicked the pile of parts that was lying in front of his office (I mean in a literal sense...) to presumably make a point.


Mechanics of Oppo and other opponauts.....this is really confusing whether he could judge a cat failure without any sort of visual inspection...and he said he cleared the codes the last time (smog test work) he worked on it. Anyone can validate or debunk his statements?