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Mechanicl advice for a friend

First, here’s an RS4 for your time. NZ Oppo I have a question for you here too. A friend of mine recently bought a 1998 Nissan Primera here in Auckland. Unfortunately, the gods were not on his side yesterday and the car broke down on the highway. First it was overheating, pulled over for a few minutes, check the cooling liquid and it was fine. A few kilometers down the road, it started again, now the dashboard lighted up liek a christmas tree, he pulled over at a service station without any brakes (wierd?). The engine was HOT, like really hot apparently. He let the car cool down for a while, coming back it wouldn’t crank from what he told me. Called AA, when the guy came he checked the radiator and it was low on water (it was perfectly fine before leaving earlier that day), filled it up, started the car agin (success), but the water was boiling even at idle.

This morning he brought the car to a mecanician, the guy told him (well at first he wouldn’t tell him, because he’s French and wouldn’t possibly know what was happening) after he quoted him $1500 (NZD that is, so a bit less than a USD $1000) for changing the headgasket.


Now that seems a bit steep to me, especially for this kind of car (engine is SR18DE). So it might well be the headgasket, but it seems weird to me (and to my father too). I was thinking it could be the cooling fans that have just given up (or that they are disconnected, but surely the mechanic would see that?). Do you guys have any idea?

As for Oppo from NZ that roams these parts. Do you guys have any recommendations of mechanics around Auckland? My friend lives in Grey Lynn. I suggested to go to the local Nissan Dealership as he might have a better quotation than what looks like a sketchy garage, but definitely not the best.

Cheers people !

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