So I was getting ready to start buttoning up my GTV6 this past weekend. I got the head on and torqued down, the manifold reinstalled, and was in the process of attaching the thermostat housing to the water pump... when I dropped one of the bolts right down its throat. NO way to fish it out, so after much swearing and kicking of boxes, I decided to pull the pump.

I actually hadn’t planned to since the parts are NLA and/or extremely expensive. Mine is relatively new with no leaks or rattles. I know it’s a risk, but one I was generally OK with.

However, now that it’s yanked, I’m torn. Should I pay $200 to have it rebuilt? There are no rebuild kits available so I don’t even know if it’s possible. Maybe sourcing parts from later versions of the Busso V6 from Europe. But damn. Expensive.

Do I pay $250+tax and shipping for the last known reman pump in North America?

Or do I rely on some Hylomar sealant, a new gasket, and a prayer to keep my old pump running?