Or: here’s my bid to make you watch the racing because I’m pretty sure you didn’t. Again.


Here it is. Purportedly coming from the President itself, here is the matrix of people using the media to bring the administration down, published on the Manila Times. Woof. I was laughing at it until I read the article. Then I laughed some more.

The best quote:

The playbook is all too familiar: Utilize the media, plant fake news, distribute them to the friendly media outlets, whet the people’s appetite, arouse their anger, manipulate public emotion, touch base with the Leftist organization, enlist the support of the police and the military, then go for the “kill.”


Thing is, though, as true as this plot can be, I don’t see how the people shown there can actually effect any actual coup or revolution. And if you’re supporting Rappler, this is a “kick while they’re down” hit piece.

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