So, some of you may remember, wayyyyyyy back in Sept 2012 I really injured myself by dislocating my knee really severely while playing football.

Anyways, my reconstructive surgery date has now been set for a month from today. Then I will be in crutches for 2-4 weeks afterwards. I will be in a zimmer splint for the first two weeks. I am not looking forward to going back into crutches in winter time, there will be snow and ices and my house is 2 blocks from the nearest bus stop.

Last time after the injury I remember it took me 3 days just to get to the point where I was able to walk like 1/4th block. On the plus side, people are really nice to you when you're on crutches. They hold doors for you and such, and usually get out of your way. Ha!

The post op is supposed to be quite painful. Luckily I am from BC, so that makes me feel tough like I can handle it! hahahaha.

So I won't be driving in March I guess. It's the clutch leg they are operating on...btw.

I am nervous...but excited. I want to get better! I will post shortly after surgery to let you know I survived!!


Wish me luck!