If your Ford had a Matthew McConaughey, it would be a Lincoln

Mediocre Dreams

They’re still dreams. Mine is to someday have two or three old Fun cars, like a 91 Civic and an E36 318ti, or a first gen CRX and an SN95. But also have a very nice comfy cruiser that also gets decent Mileage. My current car attempts to blend the two. Being low to the ground, And Manual t can still be fun, but not that fun.

The car I’ve been dreaming of will have my Oppo card declined by here it is.

I know the MKC os basically just an Escape but it’s sooo much better looking. I also know that the MKZ is the car I should want, because...well just look at it.


However in this dream I have other cars to be low, and fun. So a luxury crossover, with 5 years of Lincoln depreciation will due quite well.

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