Sometimes it's good to find perspective. There's a lot of stuff I don't post about online, but it's been, by far, the roughest year of me and my wife's life. And the hardest moment was when we lost Woodson 4 months ago.

It's not a coincidence that there were thunderstorms that night, as the gods welcomed Woodson, Legend, to their ranks...and that today the thunder and lightning returns as Woodson proclaims approval for our new family member.

As brutal a year as it's been for us, April had come through worse. Last spring Detroit Police found her as they investigated a homicide. She heard them and crawled out of hiding, as she was suffering from severe injuries sustained a couple weeks prior being hit by a car. A collapsed lung, road rash, and even gangrene was setting in in one leg. Home Fur-Ever Rescue responded to a call from the police(in Detroit they euthanize pit bulls), and through donations, a great doctor, and a loving volunteer staff (especially her foster mom Ramona), April pulled through.

Darla and I went to an adoption event Friday to look at another dog, but April caught our eye. And when she tackled me to the ground and licked my face, it was a done deal! So we have a new girl. She's an absolute doll. Say hello to April!

Find out more about her journey here: April's Story