Meet arguably the most perfect car for a women ever made (major stereotypes ahead). In the 1950s Dodge realized more and more women had an opinion in the car being bought for the house. Therefore they realized a possible market niche and created the Dodge Le Femme.

Dodge had of course thought they outsmarted the market with the creation of this all girl centered car. Two tones white with either pink or purple (depending on the year.) The Le Femme was offered in two door hard top configuration. Extravagance and excellence in design were key to success.


The icing on the cake for the Le Femme however was not the paint scheme, not the body style, but the accessories. God knows women love accessories (or at least that is was 1950s era a Dodge thought.) All you see above was offered as well as a rain gear. Why rain gear? I honestly have no idea perhaps the designers made a deal with a clothing company.

Note the interior which was also designed with women in mind. I must say I like it quite a lot. The beautiful seating and regal dash layout beats any automotive interior designed today.


But alas the Dodge Le Femme did not work for the company. An estimated 2500 were sold as a $143 optional extra. I assume it had something to do with the lack of families owning more than one car during the time period. Or perhaps the women were just insulted by the blatant stereotypes I mean they are a little offensive. What do you fine ladies on this sight think? I would love your opinion since the Le Femme would be marketed directly at you.

Hope you enjoyed the history lesson I believe the info is accurate. That being said I did just learn about this car 20 minutes ago!