Went and looked at the 2009 Honda Fit Sport, and decided to buy it. It is a 5-speed with 151K miles. Runs/Drives/Stops great, has some dings but is presentable.

Only “issue” is the seller put brand new snow tires on it in April. He was so proud of himself I couldn’t bear to ask why.

So now I need to decide between:

  1. Swapping the nearly new 15" tires & rims off the xB and ignoring the TPMS light. (free)
  2. Buying new 16" tires and demounting the 16" snows. (~$350-$400)
  3. Buying new rims in 15" or 16" and getting new tires for them (Over $1000 easy with TPMS sensors)
  4. Getting lucky and finding correct bolt pattern wheels with correct TPMS sensors on craigslist.