I broke the curse and bought my first not-a-smart!

I was bored at work and decided to send the Blast owner a random offer, he immediately accepted it.


Is it smart to buy a bike before the MSF? No idea, but here we are, so I guess I’m about to find out.

Part of what influenced this is the multiple warnings that it’s a slow bike. Slow is probably best for me as I’m starting out so my confidence will have a harder time outrunning my skill. Plus my boyfriend will be more on board with something not fast.


The name “Neutron” is a reference to Jimmy Neutron. After the guy signed over the title, some chat about Top Gear (his wife called me The Stig after noticing the decal on the back of my car), and showed me his ultra-rare (for the Midwest) Fiat 500E, I said “gotta blast!” And yeah, my immediate reaction was “omg that’ll be a perfect name!”

Don’t let nerd girls name stuff.

Note: I let him secure the bike. When I bring it home (after I get a plate for it tomorrow) I know how to better secure it so it’s not leaning on the kickstand after the first bump in the road.


It has some custom upgrades to it! The exhaust is one of those “turbo” car mufflers. It makes it sound like a quiet sport bike. I’m okay with this, that means I can ride at night without making my neighbours hate me.

It also has those lower mirrors, a new carb, gold wheels, a billet petrol cap, new handlebars, a higher seat, LED headlights/brake lights, braided lines, and some other goodies I’m forgetting.

He also gave me a stand, OEM parts, and an oil change kit.


I took it on a short ride around the storage complex and I think it actually won’t be that hard to get accustomed to being two wheels good! I think this will be a fine starter bike! I actually fit better on this than the Ninja 250 I was also considering.


The strap on the seat is for any small items I’d want to carry with me. I think I’ll instead do a backpack like I see some riders do.

Further note: The HDR mode on the Xiaomi Mix 2 can use some improvements...these pics are a liiiiitle blurry. Or maybe it’s a dumb bokeh effect? I’ll have to check the settings.