We got a dog! He’s a rescue, he came from a kill shelter in NC where he’d been picked up as a stray, wandering the mean streets of North Cackalacky. He was ferried up to Northern VA by a pilot who volunteers her time for Fancy Cats and Dogs Rescue (awesome volunteer job, btw). We don’t know too much about him but our best guess is he’s about 4 years old. The shelter he came from listed his breed as Cardigan Welsh Corgi and Catahoula Leopard Dog cross. He’s cute, sweet, and smart, and loves to go for walks. He’s a fiend for cheese and is good at catching treats out of the air. He hates baths and the dinosaur that lives nextdoor (Italian Mastiff “puppy”, who really, REALLY wants to be his best friend). So far he’s been the goodest of boys and we are lucky to have him!


Now for the BMWs, I’m still thinking of a Cruze replacement and was originally looking for a 2015-2016 328i. Now I’m thinking I may hold off and save a bit more and get a 335i. What should I be looking for on a 335 issues wise? I learned all about the 328 timing issues that affected 2012-2015 cars. Anything major like that with the 335?

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