This is the new DS 5LS. Don't call it a Citroƫn, because it isn't one.

PSA have chosen to market their DS-line has a separate brand in China, and this is the first car to be sold as such. It will be produced by CAPSA, the French group's joint-venture with Chinese car maker Chang'an, in their Chinese factory, and won't feature any chevron badges.


Under the bonnet, you'll find either the 135bhp VTi naturally aspirated petrol or PSA's turbocharged THP petrol engine with either 155 or 200bhp. This new small sedan will come with the usual fancy equipement and electronic thingies I can't be bothered to write about, plus an interior specifically tailored to the Chinese buyer's tastes : lots of leather, some wood, and more space in the back than in the front.


Don't expect the car to be sold (or even built, for that matter) in Europe, at least for now. It's all part of PSA's plans to increase their presence in China, something they really need since, as you may know, they're not exactly making money on the Old Continent right now. Expect, however, a bigger sedan and an SUV to join the new DS range in the coming years.


Honestly, I think it looks good, especially the interior, and I'm really hoping Citroƫn will bring all these new DSs to Europe eventually. Even though that video trying to explain how the new DS grille is inspired by the original DS's chrome bumper is total BS.


What do you think, Oppo ?

Pictures : Citroƫn.