Meet the JZA90 Toyota Supra's final form, and some Super GT news because come on now

Thanks to the super-heroic users of sportscar racing Reddit (the greatest Reddit community ever), we finally get to see the ultimate form of the new A90 Supra. Meet the 2020 Supra GT500!


And yes, it’s 2020, so the big JGTC revival is yet to fully happen because the LC500 will have one extra tour of duty, but I don’t mind at all when the upcoming replacement looks like the fucking business.

It also wasn’t the only thing Toyota brought to Tokyo Auto Salon.

Because that’s the new, reborn, front-engine Prius PHV GR Sport GT300. Freshly-homologated, the new car finally complies to GT300 production standards, but the basic concept still remained: taking full advantage of the road car’s inherent aerodynamic design and just kept feeding it all the Sensu beans it can get. Best of all, it’s still a hybrid, so it’s not like much has changed.


Sure, the livery is, uh, nonexistent, but I reckon that’s the least of APR Racing’s worries. They’re a critically-endangered species of GT300 car, and it’s facing proven international FIA-GT3 competition.


Finally, we see a new Mark X GT300 car from Saitama Toyopet-GreenBrave, an underdog dealer team. Really do wish they’ve sorted out their reliability woes this year, though.


There’s also a whole slew of news besides.

Well, that’s all I got fresh from Tokyo Auto Salon. Most marques are committing to racing this year and the cars more or less don’t really change. All you should do, then, is watch Super GT this year.

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