Top Gear has a great interview up with Turn10 Leonidas-in-residence, Dan Greenawalt.

So, as an example. Would you be able to get the Aston CC100 in now, or has that ship sailed?

The nice thing is that we've actually known about the CC100 for quite a while.

Right! In your demo, you told us that you can finish your car this time round in 24-carat gold, if the mood takes you. Whose idea was that? And is that the weirdest thing you can clothe your car in?

[...] We can create materials. It's alchemy. You know, we can honestly create skin, we can create leather, we can create anything that's on a car, and pretty much anything else. So we could cover a car in leaves. Absolutely. [...] Anything that they pretty much say yeah, you can go buy a chrome wrap, or you can go buy a carbon fibre wrap, a matte wrap, so those just got a pass immediately, because you can do this today.

And Danny giving old Yamauchi a ribbing

The last time we caught up with you, you were getting an BMW M3. Do you still have that, and how's it working out for you?

[...] I don't do a playboy lifestyle, I go to Calspan [tyre research facility] and I test tyres. And I bring that knowledge to bear for our customers. So I don't go racing on the track, I have raced, I'm not a bad racer, I'm okay, but that's not what people want me doing with my time, they want me working! And the great thing is, right now, I love working. I really enjoy the job.