Meet the new Citroën C3, with added Cactus inside and out

Citroën unveiled today the third generation of their popular C3 supermini. Eschewing the 2CV-ish looks of the first and second generations, this new model does a great job of disguising its extensive Peugeot 208 underpinnings with part C4 Picasso, part C4 Cactus looks.

I think it looks pretty nice outside and continues Citroën’s aggression-free design language. Don’t we need more of that? The Airbumps on the doors are optional because, believe it or not, those have not been popular at all in France on the C4 Cactus.


But where the new C3 really shines is the interior. With the Cactus and the recent China-only C6, this is Citroën’s third car to feature that simple, luggage-inspired interior, and it’s brilliant. I especially like the work done on the various fabrics. it’s high time you could get an original and qualitative interior design without resorting to expensive materials.


So, what do we think? Good enough to get the same reception around here as the Cactus?

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