After teasing y’all on Monday here it is, my new RallyX car, a 2011 Crown Victoria Police Interceptor.

It’s a former Wichita Police Department P71, bought from them at auction with 117k miles on the clock. When I got it the AC didn’t work great and the front wheels were bent. So, the fronts became the rears and the AC was fixed and now it cruises like a champ.


Why buy a P71 Crown Vic?”

Dirt cheap, tough, robust cooling, plentiful part, V8 noises, rear wheel drive, and... most importantly, no need for mechanical sympathy.

“How’s it at RallyX?”

It’s 2 tons of fun.

The long wheelbase makes it nice and stable in loose dirt. Car was an absolute champ in the morning before the course packed and rubbered in...


... at which point the car’s only real flaw appeared. WPD were cheap-asses and didn’t option “Trak-lok” on their cars. This made for somewhat unpredictable handling when on rubbered in clay.


At some point it’ll probably get some all-terrain tires and maybe an LSD, but as it sits it’s a ton of fun for the money.

So yeah, 3 cars, a motorcycle, and I still walk to work.

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