Meet the new starter Pokemon for Super GT next year

Unveiled a few hours ago at an event in Japan, I present you the 2020 Super GT GT500 cars. While the R35 didn’t completely change much, its rivals did.


Look! Toyota’s entry has evolved from the Lexus LC500 to the A90 Supra...which looks far different to the concept shown earlier in the year.


Honda’s NSX evolved too: it’s now front-engine to comply with Class One regulations. Doesn’t seem like it at first glance though.


Meanwhile the R35 looks more or less the same. Notably, the side aero is different between all three cars, which means GT Association and the marques are successful in keeping its own style in the face of Class One standardization. I bet these things are still as fast as LMP2.

Now can we please get free streams again? Or at least push out the VODs a little earlier?

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