VW decided to show some of their rarer prototypes to the public in a limited-time-only exhibition in Wolfsburg. The cars include this EA 128 (EA stands for “Entwicklungsauftrag” or development order) a take on a luxury full sizer, powered by an air-cooled flat six from Porsche that sits in the back and drives the rear axles, which also came from Porsche. The styling is a bit bland to say the least, but come to think of it, the Pheaton isn’t much to write home about style-wise either. It’s supposed to wear the fur inside to keep you cozy, not outside to flash off to the peasants.


And look! They even thought about a flagship wagon! It’s like one of those rare coachbuilt S-class or 7-series wagons. One can only assume what it might have been to drive. My bet is that it could have spooked some drivers that might have gone for this engine-out-in-the-back set-up, instead for one of the more conventional German offerings at the time.

They are also displaying this Caddy MKIII. I never thought of the MKIII as a happy car, but this one seems to say “I like it when you shove all that stuff in ......” I’ll stop here.


And the actually not so rare “Car 2000” which has a weird Passat B3 vibe going, years before that saw the light of day.

A few more can be seen here: