I spotted this near my in-laws place during a recent snow storm:

So does this make it the Snowpocalypse edition? Or the eco-snow edition?

That was on Sunday afternoon. Monday, I decided working from home was the wise decision:


All that snow landed in ~48 hours.

In other unrelated news, I’m trying to figure out if I need to replace the Sienna’s steering rack, or if I can get away with replacing just the bellows on the passenger side. I haven’t noticed any appreciable steering fluid loss, but the current bellows is torn to shreds. My options are:

1. Take it in for an inspection to figure out how bad things really are (probably what I’ll end up doing). Then end up doing #2 or #3.
2 Replace the bellows, which will likely require disconnecting the tie rod end, and an alignment afterward. (So $150-$200 total)
3. Replace the entire steering rack. ($1100 total).

I still haven’t had another look to see if I can find the various oil leaks.  It looks like replacing the oil pan requires dropping the exhaust, which is a pain.

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