So, I’m sure most of you had seen that I didn’t really care for my brand-new, customer order Wrangler. I decided a few weeks back that life’s too short to drive something I hate, and with insurance renewal soon approaching, I decided to take advantage of my resale value.

The results...


The Deet’s:
2011 Audi S4 Prestige
Phantom Black Pearl Effect
6-Speed Manual
Black/Red Leather w/ wood trim
Adaptive Cruise Control
Bang & Olufson Sound
Tech Package (BLIS, Nav)
Automatic Rear Sunshade
Limited Slip Dif
Audi Select Drive

Basically I think it has every feature that was offered. It’s a 2-Owner (most of it’s life in Oregon, the last two years in Denver. It’s got about 77K on it, passed a PPI easily, and already has a clearbra and window tint.


I. Couldn’t. Be. Happier.

I have to give a shoutout to the dealer I bought it from...I’ve never had such a great experience buying a car in my life. Sill-TerHar Motors in Broomfield, Colorado took the car to an independent mechanic for a PPI for me, took my Jeep for a fair trade, and got me a really good financing rate for a car with 77K on it.


- I got a car I actually like
- I reduced my monthly payment by $62 (my Jeep wasn’t that high in the first place)
- I’m getting money back from the DMV for my old plates (~$500)

It’s been a good week...