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Oh Facebook Marketplace..

I’m currently having a fire sale of all my custom computers and phones. As much as I love them, recent events and the fact that I never use them has me getting rid of all but my gaming machine and FSX rig. That’s roughly six computers, six phones.

I’ve sold off both the brand new Honor 8 and my lightly used Nextbit Robin. Though, unfortunately that money was immediately lost in paying $500 to the State to pay off toll violations. Apparently my parents never pay toll when driving their GMC. Since it’s in my name, my license is the one threatened to be suspended. And of course they weren’t going to pay it. Ugh. New goal for this month, transfer the title to my parents...or if necessary, my brother.

My unfinished dual socket sleeper build was getting a lot of attention on Facebook. I had all the parts, but I never found the time to put it all together. One desperate buyer told me he didn’t have any cash, however he had something else I’d want. He tried offering me old iMacs and other stuff I’d end up having a hard time flipping for profit. I joked and said “look, unless you want to trade a motorcycle, I only want money”.


And...he delivered.

This is a 2005 Honda Rebel CMX250. The tyres are worn, the turn indicators are loose, and the tank is beat up, but it’s all there and it runs beautifully well.

The first thing I did was remove the windscreen and gave it a light cleaning.


Then I took it home.


I don’t know what to do with it. It’s a really fun bike and it’s a ball around town. It’s a liiiiittle slow on the highway. So far, I call her “Velma”.

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