Now you see, many moons ago. Before i lost my virginity in a motel room in Ohio (this will be useful later). Quite frequently i use to browse video game forums,, etc. One day i stumbled upon an internet tough guy, we know how they are. The insults, the commas, the attitude, putting capital letters on Wrong words. Of course this was on the Halo forums, so he kept bragging about how hes better than everyone, typical internet tough guy. So i offered him a solution to prove that he is the "pure" video game player,through a face to face game of Halo...well controller to controller...

Anyways, i deiced to pitch that we should meet at our local library and that i will play with him a game of Halo. I put the name of the library and magically enough, he lived pretty damn close.

Who was he? A short Asian guy, harmless. We met, shook hands and then proceed to play the game. I lost horribly, but this man outside of his tough guy internet appearance was just as any other video game nerd...hiding behind the thin veil of anonymity.

To this day, if anyone bothers me on the internet, i tell them to come meet me. Not as a threat, but to convey conversation. Will i most likely get murdered? Possibly. Would i most likely get the shit kicked out of me? Maybe.