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'Member the Embiggen Days?

I ‘member the embiggen days.

If you missed it, from HHFP:

Here’s what I’m thinking, On Feb 15, 16th and 17th, post your best content! Content that deserves an embiggening and make Oppo great again remember how awesome Oppo is.

As you probably have guessed, this isn’t so much about us just deciding to make the pictures bigger, its a challenge to product content that’s worth embiggening. I think there are a lot of great things Oppo does, but one thing it used to do really well, but not as much of lately is produce really front page worthy content.

  • A cool storyA researched topic on techA photo or shoot with a story that takes a little workAnything cool you’ve thought about writing about but have been putting off.

I think we lost a lot of that in the great Jalopnik divorce and I think it would be cool to see more of it.

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