Not being american im not sure i ever knew what memorial day was before now.
Anyway it got me thinking about how grateful lots of people are for the help of americans -then as my mind tends to do- i started thinking of related matters such as which other countries should be super grateful to their lost soldiers.
... which started me thinking in terms of percentage of population lost in wars.
I wonder which countries have taken the hardest hits during relatively recent wars?Say in the last couple of hundred years.
It’s not the kind of statistic i’ve seen very much.I’ve read stories of maybe a hundred(?) million chinese dying in the 19th century but IIRC those numbers are heavily disputed.And also they had a massive population so obviously it’s not a large percentage.
As we all know the russians lost masses in WW2 but i dont know what their population was so cant guess how hard it affected them.It had to be bad though- maybe 1/5 or 1/4 lost?
I definitely DO recall reading that germany lost only 10% of their population in WW2 which sounds crazy for a country that fought so much,and lost.If true they got off easy!!!
Another i recall reading about is France in WW1- they lost so many young men that it put a huge dent in their desire to resist the german attack in WW2 .All dumb surrender jokes aside i can see their point of view.
Anyways just rambling thoughts.Feel free to comment or link to stats that show such things as i couldnt find much online.

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