I know we missed January so it's too late for 2015, but I still like this idea and I want it done for next year. I'll be putting it together and I need people to sign up for it. I'm going to be Mr. December, but everything else is available. If more than 11 of you want to take part, I'll include some months from the tail end of this year. The idea is to photograph yourself posing with your car like a typical calendar girl. If you're too embarrassed doing that, then sorry, but you won't make the cut. Keep it PG-13; be as suggestive as you want, but don't actually show us anything.

There will be one version where each picture and month will print on half of an 8x11 as well as a version where every picture and month gets its own separate sheet, so make sure that your resolution won't look too bad on a full sheet.