My Sonoma was making a terrrrrrrrrrible noise on slight left turns so I decided to investigate.

Looked underneath everywhere with a light trying to find something rubbing on something else with no luck. I recently had the brakes and struts done so I suspected something in those areas was the culprit. After some more driving around with the Gaslight Anthem on mute I narrowed it down to the drivers front tire.

So off the tire came. I only had the basic tools that come to change a flat since none of my tools are in my new city. This is something I can give GM a lot of credit for, they crammed a lot into that little jack case! I got the jack out and it had a special top to put into a certain slotted hole to keep the jack in place. Some heavy grunting then popped the tire right off. Visual check showed nothing out the ordinary, so I was a bit dissapointed.

I started tapping stuff with a screw driver to try and hear something similar to the noise I was hearing, yes a hell of a long shot. Only thing I could find was the tin dust guard was very close to the rotor. So I bent it out a bit, got some grease on the nipples that are harder to find then Roseanne Barr's, and put the tire back on!

Drove it around the block a few times and no more noise, no idea what I did, guess it must of been the dust guard. Sometimes you just luck out.