There are incredibly inexpensive alleged tungsten rings for sale on Amazon. Many sales, many 5-stars, but the rings aren’t even a small fraction of what I paid for my wedding band five years ago. Sure, I overpaid by buying at a little mom-and-pop jeweler, but all I know is that ring was a beast. Zero problems, light, durable.

But the reviews on these online rings are like, “It was a lot heavier than we thought it would be!” As in, it’s actually made of heavier metal? I don’t know. All I’m saying is I don’t want save big bucks for a potentially grossly inferior product... Anyone have experience with these bargain-bin rings?


If not, any recommendations for replacing my lost tungsten ring? (new one needs to be tungsten, as other metals irritate the crap out of the skin) My last one was basically this. But maybe I should try something different, like this gunmetal one:

Too much? I have no idea.

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