This article dumps on the Miata and 24 other cars for not being masculine enough while advocating Crossover SUV’s(though it does shit on the Jeep Liberty and Nissan Murano Cabriolet).

Some of my favorite quotes from the article include

“The Neon’s most popular configuration was as a four-door sedan with a four-cylinder engine under the hood.”

Only the first generation had a two door, and the every neon ever made had a 4 cylinder, so why didn’t the author add that the Neon also had 4 wheels?

“At the same time, it(the Geo Tracker) wasn’t a clunky SUV and could transform into a hip street ride in town.”

These adjectives confuse me. What is “hip street ride” supposed to mean.

“The problem is that the Miata is about as lifeless and uninspired as a convertible is going to get.”


The author must have mistaken the Miata for a Sebring convertible.

Also, the author describes the Miata as “two-seat (essentially).”

“The Honda Del Sol was a noble attempt on behalf of the Japanese manufacturer to design a fun car to take to the beach. Honda was going for a hybrid-convertible top with a sporty design.”


The author frequently describes the cars he finds feminine as a “a car to take to the beach” showing he doesn’t understand how cars are more than status symbols used exclusively for transportation.

“The vast majority of individuals who purchased the Del Sol over the years were women.”

Now, this sounds like pure speculation, and if not, it’s plagiarism as the author doesn’t cite a source. He follows that up with this conclusion.

“However, for those exact reasons the Del Sol is considered a chick car and makes it impossible for any man to be caught behind the wheel of one of these things.”


The word however is out of place in this sentence because the author is not contradicting anything.

“A Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Corvette, or Camaro can tear away from intersections and rumbles with power when the gas pedal hits the floor.”

The verbs in this sentence are not congruent

“The VW Eos looks like the 21st century version of the Golf, complete with a ball-shaped design, poor performance, and convertible top”


No. Also, VW still makes the Golf.

Overall, the theme of the article is, X car won’t get you laid because it’s too feminine. Men need aggressive and masculine cars so they can attract the opposite sex. It’s a naive view that combines the thought that ones car is a reflection of their self with the trite idea that males need to be hyper-masculine in all facets of their life. In addition, it implies that women are only interested in cars superficially.

TL;DR: The article is generally shitty.