Meow's First Photo Shoot

Finally a break in the weather. Partly cloudy with moments of shade, perfect for the gray fur. Cat didn’t get bored enough to run away.

Side profile is probably the X351 XJ’s signature angle. Fastback roof in full effect.
I’m not sure whether the red badges were an option or trim-specific. Any ideas?
Going to continue to proudly rock this Albuquerque plate frame—I’ll bet this gives me some street cred.
Jaguar modernised its brand font in 2014.
Haven’t cleaned up the engine bay yet...
The X351 XJ’s interior signature—delightfully retro air vents with delicate detailing and fantastic gimbal mounts with just the right resistance.
Length: 206.9 in.
Probably the only time I will ever clean this grille by hand.
Amber LEDs
More amber LEDs

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