Mercedes 6.9 update; The Chief

Hello all,

It has been almost a year since I last wrote on the misadventures of my 6.9. In the year since I have been dormant a whopping amount of work has... yet to be completed.

Although the project has been dormant over the last year or so it is not because there was no work to be done it is because, as with all car projects, the funds dwindled.



There has been development over the last month! As all of you know, the grey 6.9 is currently running on its transplanted powerplant from the blue donor car. The motor we pulled and crammed into the Chief ended up having a burnt up valve on the number one cylinder. Resulting in poor compression on number one, there were also bad numbers across the board. In the last month I have had the heads pulled and all the valve seats mended, and threw on a new timing chain on both sides while I was there. With that, there is a solid 150 psi on all cylinders, and that progress bring it one step closer to road readiness. All that I have left is to replace the faulty transmission kick-down switch under the throttle pedal.

Over the next month or so I will be daily driving the beast to iron any other kinks come through. Feel free to ask any questions, and anyone in the Dallas/Fort Worth area is welcome to come around and take a look!

I want to pull out my go pro and make some videos of it as well.

Finally, have some photos of the work, happy holidays!!!


What a beautiful lump!

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