Mercedes-Benz is looking into Hydrogen Fuel Cells

As a Mercedes-Benz employee, I was looking through their internal job postings. I noticed that there are quite a few "Fuel Cell Technician" job openings, as well as a Fuel Cell Production Technologist. "Working out of our new fuel cell production and production technology development plant located in Burnaby, B.C., the person in this role will oversee the assembly of our production facility"

Part of the job listing states "125 years after the invention of the automobile, Daimler is again taking the lead role in shaping the future of mobility. Today, Mercedes-Benz gives the automobile a whole new engine—the hydrogen fuel cell. Powered by some of the most cutting edge technology in the world, Mercedes-Benz Fuel Cell (MBFC) is driven solely by the chemical reaction of hydrogen and oxygen, leaving no emissions behind apart from heat and water vapour. We’re now looking for passionate, innovative and dynamic individuals to join our forward-thinking team".


Just thought it was an interesting piece of insight I would share with you on Oppo. I am quite curious to see how this pans out for M-B in the future.

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