So I went to get a little piece of rubber (#23 on the chart) I ordered at the local dealer, because all the online places wanted to charge me $15 to ship a piece of rubber the size of a nickel. Anyway, I go in and there is a woman working something out for a few minutes, and in front of me is a guy who looks like he owns a casino in Macau or something. Short, plump Asian man with a North Korean haircut. He says he ordered something direct from Germany and the guy brings a box, it’s some kind of interior piece for a convertible. He wants the guy to show him how to put it on the car, I just want a little piece of rubber that I already paid for, so I ask if my tiny part was close by and if I could have it before he went outside to look at the guy’s car. The parts guy says sure and turns around to look. This crazy guy slams the box down and says, “I waited in line, send this back to Berlin” and then leaves. The parts guy and I look at each other like WTF. He goes and gets my order and it turns out the guy I talked to fucked up, so he tells me come back next saturday and I will have it and you can have it for free. I wish I could have said, “Not Berlin, Stuttgart!”

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