Mercedes G550 - The Bad Joke That's Funny Again.

You know those jokes that are kinda funny at first, then they keep going and and you think “man, they are really doubling down here on this joke”...then they keep going and turns kinda sad, but THEN something strange happens as they keep going and their sheer persistence turns your grumpy frown upside down and you start to laugh? Did you know that it comes in car form?

Its called a Mercedes-Benz Geländewagen Lachen Geber Or G-Wagen, for short and its the best so-so joke turned sad depressing double down turned hilarious joke available for sale anywhere.


These kinds of jokes aren’t new, of course, as they’ve been traditionally used in mediums like TV, or Garfield and more recently celebrities, but never before in an automobile. Now some may call it “heritage”, or “tradition” but you and I know better, you and I can see this as the best double or nothing joke that ever panned out.

The best part is that this joke has access to ALL levels of the social economic sphere its aware of:

The wealthy

The “first rap contract” wealthy


The “Vlad and I are on a first name basis” wealthy


The “small GDP” wealthy


And of course the “I need a dozen with gold stitching and a dozen without” wealthy


Can you think of any other joke that’s so accessible to the common man? Of course you can’t but don’t feel bad its hard to top the Germans in matters of comedy, its a Deutsche thing, you wouldn’t understand.

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