Yes, likely a terrible idea. But I’m still curious.

Mrs. BaconSandwich and I may be looking for a larger family hauler in the future. I was trying to remember what Mercedes model it was that looked like a giant half-wagon, half van. It turns out the Mercedes R class has 6 or 7 seats. It also turns out they are much less expensive than I had thought. I hadn’t ever considered getting one. I’m still not seriously considering one, but I am intrigued.

I can imagine the maintenance is crazy expensive, and I’m sure there’s a reason they are near Toyota Sienna levels of inexpensiveness, but dang... $5k for one of the cheaper ones listed here:

Do these things have Allroad levels of terrible maintenance costs or something?

My searching also brought up another one I hadn’t heard of - the Mercedes Benz Metris. 8 seater van, so probably bigger than others we would consider, and definitely newer, but ~$30k for one that is a year old or so. For some reason Mercedes Benz doesn’t list them on their regular website, but they do seem to be on sale here:

It’d definitely be something different than the usual Sienna/Odyssey/Caravan, that’s for sure.