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Mercedes SL Has Too Wide Of A Range

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Starting prices range from $85,050 to and $217,550 (that’s a 255% premium over the base model, which is already very expensive).


Horsepower ranges from 329hp to 621hp (over 188% power increase)

Torque figures are ridiculous! The range is from 354lb-ft to 738lb-ft (over 208% increase in torque).


All for a vehicle that people mistake for the sub-$50k SLK roadster.

I think Mercedes may want to consider breaking the engine variations up into separate models (Porsche does it, however a little overzealously in my opinion).

In fact, the SL-series is actually the halo car of the Mercedes-Benz Brand. Much like Porsche’s 911, the range is as vast as the heritage in the nameplate. However, the S-class variants are the flagships, and the AMG models are the halo cars. The SL-series really needs to become a full line up that makes the ladder of prestige obvious.

SLA - 2.0L T-I4 (shared platform with another manufacturer)
SLC - 3.0 TT-V6 (SLK replacement)
SLE - 4.0L TT-V8 (SL400/550 replacement)
SLS - 5.5L TT-V8 (SL63-AMG replacement)
Maybach - 6.0 TT-V12 (modified platform to add gullwing doors)


Though all use AMG engines (detuned for the regular model, bumped up for the AMG-sport package), only the SLE and SLS get the full AMG treatment including S and Black Series editions. Let the AMG GT variations be coupe only and attack high end sportscars, and the SLE and SLS be luxury, hardtop convertible cruisers. The best part is that even with the Maybach having gullwing doors, apparently you still get that open air driving experience.

Illustration for article titled Mercedes SL Has Too Wide Of A Range

Thank you Sam Smith!

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