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Mercedes Takeover: For Those Confused About the AMG GT4 vs CLS (and Mercedes Sub-Branding in General)

Any models actually being developed by AMG are intended to be Porsche level competitors. So treat the GT and GT4 as if they are a spin off brand from Mercedes. This means don’t be too surprised if you hear about some kind of sport turismo variant of the AMG GT4 or a Cayenne rivaling AMG GTX concept appearing soon. Not like Plymouth is going to fight that naming.

  • Mercedes-Benz = Audi and BMW
  • Mercedes-AMG 43 and 50(?) = Audi S and BMW M Performance
  • Mercedes-AMG 45 and 63 = Audi RS and ///M
  • Mercedes-AMG dedicated models = Porsche and Aston Martin
  • Mercedes-EQ = Tesla
  • Mercedes-AMG 65 = Aston Martin and Bentley
  • Mercedes-Maybach = Rolls Royce and Bentley

Pretty much Mercedes is figuring out a way to cover the entire spectrum without losing their “luxury” reputation. Instead of having a bunch of brands under its banner Mercedes is going to keep its name attached to all these different operations and create a synergy and interdependence that every automaker will wish they thought of while the consumer market rewards them heavily for doing so.


The only two things I’m bothered by are the fact that their hybrid and plug-in hybrid branding isn’t structured yet (nor is BMW’s though) and I don’t think AMG 65 works at all anymore. They need a way to brand the hardcore performance V12 models and target the center of Lamborghini, McLaren, and Ferrari’s market. My suggestion would be to create “Mercedes-AMG Black” which would allow them more adjustability and prestige reach.

So instead of an AMG SL65 Black Series (meaning top of AMG) it would be branded as the AMG Black SL65 (meaning bottom of AMG Black). Boom, you have something that sounds great and is still memorable when compared to the Lambos, Maccas, and Fezzas of the class. Plus there is built in flexibility of engines and product lines. It also reinforces the differences between AMG tuned cars and AMG developed cars. See, look at all these imaginary and hypothetical and completely factually unsubstantiated marketing wins we have already!

My suggested branding for Mercedes would be as such:

(Regular Mercedes Dealers - Lifestyle Buyers)

  • Smart = Mercedes-EQ value end
  • -EQ = Tesla
  • -Benz = Audi, BMW
  • -AMG 43/50/55 = Audi S and S Plus, and BMW M Performance
  • -AMG 45/63 = Audi RS and ///M

(AMG Spin Off Showrooms and Dealers - Exotic Lifestyle Buyers)

  • -AMG dedicated = Porsche and Aston Martin
  • -AMG Black = Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren

(Top Mercedes Dealers - Life Buyers)

  • -Maybach = Rolls Royce and Bentley

Thus you end up with a spread that can go from $15,000 to $3 Million without ever taking the Mercedes connection off the product lines. You can then separate the dealerships to better suit the markets as well. Imagine a dealer with a small all electric Smart and EQ showroom connected to the big Benz dealership. Next door are all the AMG 43 and 63 models followed by a completely separate showroom and service area for AMG buyers that can look like an exotic dealership. Then in a closed off showroom past the AMG dealership lies the million dollar AMG hypercar with a couple of limited production Maybach models nonchalantly placed within the vicinity.


Let’s go on this imaginary stroll again. You are graduating up this dealership network and being treated “well” at every level but better as you move up. Buying a little electric smart car, walking what seems to be an acreage of electric cars and regular Mercedes GLA and C300s which then transforms into C43s and GLC40etceteras before the radiant light of the sun reflects off the vast chrome and metallic flaked paint that covers the C63s and E63 Wagons which adorn the entrance into the completely separate dealership and service area that houses the dedicated AMG models. Take a deep breath. Breathe it in, brethen.

Then some spritely little pixie creature in khakis with a name badge which reads, “Arthur,” leads you away into a silent, solitary atrium with a beautifully sculpted glass building which resides within the AMG Courtyard. The sole contents of that magical, possibly flying buttress-having building are three Maybach models and an AMG Project One, all seeming to float over a flowing marble floor as ornaments within a snowless souvenir globe thinger. All of this process and product progress done with a seamless transition in order to create a “community” of sorts, a hierarchical Mercedes sub-society if you will.


That versatility then allows the commercial line to fall into the regular lineup and all of a sudden Mercedes-Daimler can be turned into a direct Commercial/Fleet/Truck competitor with true pickup trucks, vans, buses, and what-have-yous without any need for them to be luxo-liners at every trim.

Hopefully this opens everyone’s eyes to how all-encompassing the Mercedes brand can potentially end up becoming globally, but specifically from a US market point of view. The future for all business is to own everything and sell everything. You will be staring at a glowing apple from crib to crypt. You will never hold a physical image of yourself again, instead you will be holding a device displaying your image. That is our dystopia and consumers are borrowing money and throwing it at the only things in their lives which greet them as they approach. No, not people. Devices...


Why takeover the world when you can create your own and charge a lifetime admission?


*Got a little dark there for a minute but trust me, it will be fun. I mean that’s what we are paying for, right?

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