Recently I was drafted into a good ol’ jalopnik comment war, this time over the true costs of my all time favorite car, the 2003-2006 Mercedes Cl55 AMG and how it compares to a 40 year old buick.

So as many people know, the Mercedes in question (and basically any german car made after forever) has a history of having large repair costs even though you can buy a 100,000 miles one for $10,000. I’ve found through research that the true culprit in a bill is not the frame or engine or whatever: it’s the suspension.

In the buick NPOCP I talked about how you could save $1-2k by buying this beast. People did not like that. To show how this suspension problem can be solved, Ill show you a video from the great Matt Farah (hope I spelled that right). “Just buy an air suspension” is the idea here.

First posted in February