Merry 4th from the UK!

As an American currently traveling in the UK, it does give me a good chuckle to be spending independence day here. Considering our independence is from Great Britain itself, it seems appropriate to find amusement in that. So far this trip has been great and London was awesome. I finally got my chance yesterday to get in a car and drive on the wrong side of the road too! It was stressful, exciting, and quite the experience. I still have no idea what the speed limit is on dual carriageways (maybe it’s 60? 65? 70?) but nearly all cars seemed to be going quite a bit faster. I just kept it to 70 unless marked otherwise but maybe I’m way off. Still really interesting how things are in miles here, seems wild to mix both imperial and metric. My full thoughts are soon to come in a dedicated post.


We have a Fiat 500 until Friday and so far it’s a pretty good car. Perfect for the tiny roads here in Cornwall and the small parking lots throughout England. The 500 is of course available in the US as well but it certainly feels appropriately European so it’s ideal for the trip. I enjoy the moon roof to take in all of the sun we are getting. People sure were cheery yesterday with England’s world cup win to enter quarter finals so it’s even more fun to be here.

Looking forward to a couple of days of relaxation on the coast! And more food of course.

Proper fish and chips


And tea!

Along with my joining the queue on Monday, I feel like I have now achieved the full British experience. Anything else I must do? 

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