Well I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. Mine was great until the day after. MY Wife's Escape died. I'm 99.9% its the alternator. So i think to myself, whatever, I can do that in an hour tops. Well turns out that the V6 which is mounted sideways has the alternator in the back side against the fire wall. It requires dismantling part of the Sorry, I'm sick and frustrated. Front drive shaft and some other crap and its way too involved for my driveway repair abilities.

I've called a couple places and got back $500, $700, and $200. The last one is if I bring the part in myself. The guy says he really needs work and wants the job even if its a bit of work and that this is better than paying for an empty garage. Well I would love to help the guy while he would like to help me but i'm nervous about taking it there with this seeming too good to be true. any thoughts? Is it a nightmare waiting to happen or just a guy desperate to pay the bills?