Yay, today we gather round to celebrate...my 2005 VW Phaeton reaching 130K miles! No codes, No CELs, all good and happy. And it took the fam to Yosemite for a great family trip. (Who needs an SUV?) This proud son of Ferdinand Piech continues to own the road and provide unsurpassed power and comfort. The 320HP NA V8 engine is a workhorse.

Maintenance, as they said, is not for the faint-hearted or wallet-challenged. Even with the help of many talented friends, the bill for the year was as follows:

New Tires: $950 at Pep Boys (Cheap, I know)

Oil changes: (2) $240

Serpentine Belt: $220 (done with a buddy, a true struggle)

Fix central cover air vent: $250 (done carefully with the help of the Phaeton Master - he owns 5 Phaetons!)


Trunk Harness Fix: $320 @ a VW indy shop (Could have been over $1200, so Iā€™m thankful)

Replace Auto Transmission Fluid: $950 @ VW dealership - Was worth it. Tranny is back to normal

So, nearly $3,000 this year. A happy Phaeton with no codes? Priceless!


Merry Xmas, Happy Holidays, Awesome Festivus, Kwanzaa, or whatever floats your boat? What was your end-of-year bill for maintenance?