With the NAIAS coming in two weeks, I figured I should plan on having some fun while I'm there. It's been an interesting year for me in motoring but I aim to buy new this year so I feel the need to "test the waters a bit".

If you haven't heard already, I like audis. I like mine a lot even though it has more broken sensors and blown hoses than working ones. Last year at the NAIAS I ended up having a long conversation with one of the booth workers about old 200s and coupe quattros and ur-quattros and group B rallying and everything else. I got the 2013 motorsport calendar as a parting gift. They were only supposed to be given to "employees and family" of Audi NA. Since I'm not an employee, I guess I'm family! So my plan this year is to wear the blipshift "Rohrl with it" shirt and ask if I can trade in my calendar for the new model year.

After that is where I actually start messing with people..... in the VW booth. I want to be at one of the cars on display and ask the rep standing there about its safety features.....in a way. The current plan is for me to say - "I am currently a happy owner of a 1998 jetta and I think that car has saved my life. I was working on it one day and the car fell off the jack stand and landed on my head. But luckily I was able to get out just fine. I credit the weak metal with saving my life. What would happen to me if this happened on the new jetta?". I don't know what they will say, but I don't think that type of question is covered in the training. I also need to show them Das Bierwagen. I don't know exactly what will happen, but I have a feeling if they see this:



One of two things will happen - I will be politely, yet firmly, asked to leave the booth and to not own a VW ever again. Or they will try and sell me a new jetta/GLI on the spot. I don't think there will be an in-between.

I see no way this plan could cause ill effects on me. At all. Should be hilarious. Any suggestions for anything else? Do you think I'm going a bit far in the VW booth? Or should I show them the picture of the dent my head made and play it off like I love that the jetta is made of weak metal?