Got out of my car this morning and started walking to the office when I hear ahead of me, "hey parking buddy."

It was the owner of the MS3 that I park next to on most days (in the faaaaaaaaaar corner of the lot). Our conversation was similar to the below:

Him: "Nice car."

Me: "Thanks. By the way, I am amazed at how immaculate you keep your speed. It looks so good all the time. I feel bad every time I pull up and my wheels are covered in brake dust!"

Him: "Haha. Thanks. It's definitely a big effort. See you got your winters on."

Me: "Yup." Look at his wheels. "And I'm loving the black steels. They look sweet."


Him: "Yeah. Really liking them, too. Pretty much wanted to get the biggest things I could to protect it from these roads."

Then introductions were actually made. Pleasant guy. You never know who you'll meet and where, just gotta say hi.


And seriously, his car is immaculate.

MS3 for your troubles.