Met one of the coolest guys ever yesterday at work

I was out grabbing shopping carts when all the sudden I hear this deep sounding beautiful V8. But it wasn't a muscle car, it was much more modern. I casually walk over there trying to spot it. Then I laid eyes on it. A brand new E63 AMG wagon! Sadly no pic because work. More story after jump!

I walk over to the guy and ask him "That's a real AMG ins't it?"

He revs the engine quite loudly and replies, "whaddya think?"

I told him that he has incredible taste in cars and is awesome for driving a killer wagon.


His response? "I'm glad somebody thinks so. My wife yelled at me for buying a $100,000 wagon."

He told me how much he loves getting looks from kids in their Mustangs and Camaros at lights when he smokes them.

Why can't everyone who drives a cool car be like that?

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