Yes, there were a few flat-brimmed caps and some vaping. But everybody was cool, and a fun time was had by all. Well, maybe all but one. Apparently after I left, a modded STI blew its engine in a fiery fashion. Which is no fun.

Photo Credit: Mike Lovejoy
Photo Credit: Kyle Weick
Photo Credit: Mike Lovejoy

Quite a few more ‘Roos showed up, as well as a random collection of pickups, normal cars (Corollas, a Versa, an Accord, a Grand Cherokee and a Tiguan). None of the non-Subaru cars, apart from one Chevy truck, were associated with our group, which was fortunate since the Jeep took out a stop sign trying to drift while leaving the lot. But even the randos got in on the action, drifting or just doing some handbrake turns.

We also had a brief appearance by a cop, but he was just checking out an abandoned truck at the other end of the lot and left us alone.

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