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Met up with the current owner of my T-5R Friday.

We have became good friends due to our admiration of 850's. I drove to NJ to check out an S60R, and decided to visit him on the way back, and to see what he did to the T-5R. So far, he is now running 12.5 PSI of boost, EGR / O2 sensor delete, 5 speed manual swap, TA Technix coilovers. Now, when I sold the car it wasn't in bad shape. But dang, he REALLY cleaned it up.

Here is a picture of how it sits now. Its not slammed / dumped / VWVortex'd, just the angle makes it look like so. Also he boosted up the height after I took the picture.

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Also, since he swapped to coilovers, I bought back the Bilstein HD struts / shocks that were on the car when I sold it. They only have about 15k miles on them, and I paid $250 for them instead of 650 new.

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