After my previous post on an impromptu metal “polish” shootout (spoiler: none of them really did much) fellow Opponaut JawzX2, Boost Addict. pointed me in the direction of actual metal polish supplies, which I had thought would be much more costly. They weren’t, so I picked up three level of compound and some wheels to actually put a nice finish back on these stainless steel pieces.

Before (3-in-1 for reflective clarity):

Damnit kinja, stop turning this sideways

Not terrible but certainly not the shine that it could and should have. I think the end result (just did this little section for now; need to set something up in the garage to do the rest so I don’t make too much of a mess inside).



So there’s that. In short - if you want to actually polish stainless, you need to get real metal polish, not the “polish” crap that comes in bottles. Turns out it’s cheaper, too.