Meth Head Raccoon: 7; Me: 0

I spent over a week trying to find a way to secure the bait so the raccoon couldn’t just sneak in and take it (without triggering the door closure). Every night it was the same story — food gone, trap wide open. Last night, I finally figured it out — use metal wire to fix the food to the floor so she* would have to work harder for it, thus triggering the door in the struggle.

That’s the locking mechanism, bent beyond usefulness. Raccoons must be deadlifting in their free time.

Nope. She managed to rip her way out of a specifically raccoon-rated trap AND completely destroy one of our decorative plants in the process. I had placed the trap like this because on previous nights, she was able to reach through the gates and take it without entering the trap.

That plant is so thoroughly destroyed, it’s like targeted revenge.

*She: Raccoon dudes would be like “f*ck it, not worth it” so I’m assuming some babies might have been involved in the food gathering efforts and enthusiasm.

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