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Metro Detroit Oppo-Meet 2018 Location Confirmed

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Different spot than last year, but still very close.

This year we will be at the Wilcox Lake Rec Area, on the north side of Hines Dr, just east of Northville Rd.


Montegoman has once again reserved us a pavilion so we’ll be prepared rain or shine. On this map you will will see two structures, a green-roofed one to the north and a brown-roofed one to the south. The green one by the playground is our pavilion. (The brown one is restrooms.)


To help offset the cost of reserving the pavilion (this one was a little more than last year’s), we’re asking for a $10 contribution per head.

The date will be Saturday, May 19th. Time will be mid-day, say 12-4pm. Just like last time, this will be just kind of an informal hang-out/picnic sort of thing. Feel free to come and go as you please, but I’d encourage you to stick around for a little Concours d’Oppos.

And let’s do the potluck thing again! That worked out pretty well last time. If you can make it this year, please pick an item from the following list. I will try to keep this list updated, but check the comments first to see if someone else has already claimed the item that you want to bring.

  • Charcoal, lighter fluid
  • ...OR a portable gas grill? Might work better than the park one (IdiotInTheGarage)
  • Grill tools (MontegoMan)
  • Hamburgers (Alphadogg14/Bouldaru)
  • Hamburger buns (Alphadogg14/Bouldaru)
  • Hotdogs
  • Hotdog buns
  • Condiments
  • Paper plates/napkins (UramboTauro)
  • Drinks (IdiotInTheGarage)

Once the above items are spoken for, you can still contribute with any kind of snack or side dish. (And yes, of course you’re welcome to volunteer for more than one item.)


(Note: there is no on-site power, so we won’t be able to plug in any crock-pots or the like. Also, alcohol policy: It’s a Wayne County Park so they control the rules. Beer is allowed in bottle or can form, but no kegs. We’d like to keep it a family friendly event in case anyone wants to bring family along with them. So if you’re going to drink, drink responsibly. And of course, standard Oppo “be excellent” rules will apply.)

Hope to see you there!

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