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Metro Detroit Oppo-Meet 2018 Roll Call

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You gonna be there? (Hint: the correct answer is YES)

Metro D Oppo-meet is upon us! Join us tomorrow, May 19, at the Wilcox Lake Rec Area in Plymouth (see this post for map and more details).


The group size has been looking pretty small so far, so I’m downsizing the potluck list a little. If you’re planning to come but have been silent up until now, let your voice be heard!

  • Portable gas grill? Might work better than the park one (IdiotInTheGarage)
  • Grill tools (MontegoMan)
  • Hamburgers (Alphadogg14/Bouldaru)
  • Hamburger buns (Alphadogg14/Bouldaru)
  • Hotdogs (UramboTauro) 
  • Hotdog buns (UramboTauro) 
  • Condiments (UramboTauro) 
  • Paper plates/napkins (UramboTauro)
  • Drinks (IdiotInTheGarage)
  • Chips/snacks/whatever (UramboTauro) 

If we get enough volunteers, we can add to this list. But the most important thing to bring is YOU. So let’s get a roll call going!

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